Friday, January 28, 2011

My first Hero Factory 1.0 MOC: Tox 1.0!

Introducing Tox 1.0! A specialist in Toxic weapons and poisons, he is a member of the Alpha 2 Team, the second most called upon team in the Hero Factory. He has an intense rivalry with Jimi Stringer, who thinks that Tox's helmet design is ripped off from his model, in which Tox strongly disagrees.

Tox carries a toxic sludge shooter based off Meltdown's weapon design, execpt improved by mixing Corroder's toxic substances with the toxic waste. He also carries a heavy duty riot shield for blocking powerful attacks. His feet are based off a new line of design of "Hero Factory 1.5", a step above the standard 1.0 heroes. They are outfitted to deal with rocky terrain. Unfortunately, it does not work well in water.

This Corrosive hero is commisioned currently at Lemus 2 explosives planet, thwarting attempts of thieves from stealing explosives. The rest of his team will be revealed in a blog post. This video will not be documented on Youtube, only my 2.0 MOCs will. Until next time, check out my set reviews and soon to be MOCs at HFReviewCentral on youtube. Seeya!

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