Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Quaza Sage

For those of you who have recently seen the latest installment of the Hero Factory TV series, Savage Planet, remember the epic showdown between Rocka XL and the Witch Doctor. To upgrade to XL version, Furno and Nex construct a suit of armor out of parts of some ancient hero from times past on Quatros, before the Hero Factory was even established. This deceased legend is the Quaza Sage. How did he end up in parts near the Quaza Temple. To find out, watch Quaza Chronicles season 1 finale!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Merrick Fortis

During Bzpower's seemingly endless downtime, I have been browsing Eurobricks forums for my Hero Factory Discussion. This morning I came across a post on Eurobricks saying that the Hero Recon Storyline has been updated. Interested, I flipped to the Hero Recon Story page and there he was, Merrick Fortis 3.0. First, I tried to build him in HRT, but when an errror ocurred, I said, what the heck, I have the parts, I'll just build him myself! And I must say, I think he looks pretty cool! Scroll down to watch the video of unveiling the HRT leaders new and shiny upgrade!

Quaza Chronicles Episode 4 Q & A

Ok, so I've been working on (sporadically) the final episode of my first season of stop motion episodes. Two or three weeks ago, I started school, and balancing schoolwork, Youtube, three books I have been working on, and marching band has been a little difficult. I really haven't been able to get to work on the episode until today. I think I will do some footage today, maybe keep you guys posted with short previews, clips of the upcoming episode. I have done some MOCing, as you guys will probably see today, as I have prepared a special MOC for you guys. I thank you for your patience, and I will definetly be finishing the series!

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Quaza Chronicles trailer!

Thats right, a trailer for the epic season 1 finale! Stay tuned in coming weeks for new MOCs, and maybe bits and pieces of the finale! Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles Season 1

All of season 1 in one conveninet place! The season is not finsihed as of writing, but we are working on it! Stay tuned for the last episode, and a trailer for it!

Lego Hero Factory Entire Collection Review

Thats right, every single set in one video review, a quick look at all of the sets and the series as a whole!

Lego Hero Factory 3.0 Reviews

Thats right, all my 3.0 Reviews in one convenient post! Stay tuned for more reviews coming soon!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Flame Warrior

The brother of Ice Warrior, this charecter will be featured in Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles. Stay tuned for more info in the series on Youtube!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Ice Warrior

The warrior with the emblem of ice is to be featured in Hero Factory: Quaza Chronicles! To unravel the mystery of this charecter, stay tuned for the series on Youtube!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Verde 3.0

The "lost hero", Verde 3.0, is to be featured in my Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles series! Here are some details about this hero!
Name: Verde
Model: 3.0
Weaponry: Double bladed machete
Notable features: Natural Quaza spikes and wings enabled for short bursts of flight.

Look for more MOCs on my blog and Youtube Channel!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: The Dziki

The fierce velociraptor creature of the Savage Planet, the Dziki is an animal that was corrupted by the Witch Doctor to serve his evil purposes. There are only two of these creatures remaining, and only one of them is free. See this creatures story unfold in Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Zao 3.0

A look at the hero who has been assigned to aprehend Garra in my Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles stop motion series.

Name: Zao
Model: 3.0
Animal Power: Waspix
Weaponry: Twin daggers that can shoot energy bolts
Notable features: Quaza spike injected wings.

Look for this MOC as the main charecter in Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles!

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Garra 3.0

Introducing, the one and only corrupted hero, Garra 3.0! Featured in the first season of Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles, this hero has alot more of a backstory then portrayed in the episodes, so I will share the story here!
Garra was a 1.0 hero when aproached by the disgraced professor Aldous Witch. Aldous explained the existence of a jungle planet called Quatros, that held enough Quaza to power every single Hero Factory hero. Aldous lied and said that he could mine some to help power Garra and make him stand above the rest of the heroes. Aldous left Garra to consider, but the next night Aldous was aprehended by rookies Preston Stormer and Zao, Garra;s best friend, for tring to implant himself with a Quaza Core.
After the 2.0 upgrade, Garra received a message from Aldous, telling him to come to Quatros to become the greatest hero. Convinced of the notion, he snuck away in a herocraft, which he promptly crashed upon arriving on the planet. Once he saw what Aldous had transformed to, he was horrified. Corrupted by the Skull Staff, the "Witch Doctor" explained that the power of Quaza should be used for evil. Garra, of course refused. And now, he has been corrupted by the Witch Doctor.
To learn more about Garra 3.0, watch my Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles stop motion series!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Crunch 1.0 Preview

Introducing Crunch 1.0, a fiery renegade Hero Factory villan. Crunch was the first Hero Factory hero to strike out on his own and become a villan. Maybe it was because he was based off the design of Xplode. Maybe because his hero core had a glitch. Or maybe it was because he looked soon villanous, he no longer felt acepted as a hero.

My first Hero Factory 1.0 MOC: Tox 1.0!

Introducing Tox 1.0! A specialist in Toxic weapons and poisons, he is a member of the Alpha 2 Team, the second most called upon team in the Hero Factory. He has an intense rivalry with Jimi Stringer, who thinks that Tox's helmet design is ripped off from his model, in which Tox strongly disagrees.

Tox carries a toxic sludge shooter based off Meltdown's weapon design, execpt improved by mixing Corroder's toxic substances with the toxic waste. He also carries a heavy duty riot shield for blocking powerful attacks. His feet are based off a new line of design of "Hero Factory 1.5", a step above the standard 1.0 heroes. They are outfitted to deal with rocky terrain. Unfortunately, it does not work well in water.

This Corrosive hero is commisioned currently at Lemus 2 explosives planet, thwarting attempts of thieves from stealing explosives. The rest of his team will be revealed in a blog post. This video will not be documented on Youtube, only my 2.0 MOCs will. Until next time, check out my set reviews and soon to be MOCs at HFReviewCentral on youtube. Seeya!