Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Garra 3.0

Introducing, the one and only corrupted hero, Garra 3.0! Featured in the first season of Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles, this hero has alot more of a backstory then portrayed in the episodes, so I will share the story here!
Garra was a 1.0 hero when aproached by the disgraced professor Aldous Witch. Aldous explained the existence of a jungle planet called Quatros, that held enough Quaza to power every single Hero Factory hero. Aldous lied and said that he could mine some to help power Garra and make him stand above the rest of the heroes. Aldous left Garra to consider, but the next night Aldous was aprehended by rookies Preston Stormer and Zao, Garra;s best friend, for tring to implant himself with a Quaza Core.
After the 2.0 upgrade, Garra received a message from Aldous, telling him to come to Quatros to become the greatest hero. Convinced of the notion, he snuck away in a herocraft, which he promptly crashed upon arriving on the planet. Once he saw what Aldous had transformed to, he was horrified. Corrupted by the Skull Staff, the "Witch Doctor" explained that the power of Quaza should be used for evil. Garra, of course refused. And now, he has been corrupted by the Witch Doctor.
To learn more about Garra 3.0, watch my Hero Factory Quaza Chronicles stop motion series!

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